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ZobrZobr: Wear your Bitcoin QR!

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We mentioned ZobrZobr in an earlier article. If you don’t already know, they are a Bitcoin company that specializes in making shirts of various Bitcoin designs and allowing you to post a QR code with a Bitcoin address of your choice, which can be one that you supplied or a popular charity address.

1. What sparked the idea of ZobrZobr?

Actually we were hanging out in a cafe with friends and talking about different Bitcoin projects. There are a lot of opportunities on this market, as you know, and we realized that with Bitcoin anything can become an instrument for donation. So, we decided to start from t-shirts.

After that we met one more time in order to create ideas for prints. We wanted them to be ironic and a bit provocative.

2. Where did the name come from?

Well, I can really say, but the word just appeared in my mind. Maybe I heard it somewhere before. But the thing is that it sound funny and cool!

And now it has a very nice logo with little monsters :)

3. History of development?

We started from searching custom t-shirts producers. I must say it was quite difficult to find a company which was ready to accept Bitcoins and to make such custom t–shirts. Then we found a designer who created the prints and web-site and developer who created the site.

4. When you first launched the service, how many orders did you expect on receiving?

We thought we would start from 10 – 20, but were very surprised when we got 300+ orders for the first 2 weeks!

5. Current Status?

We continue to receive new orders! And now working on partnership with different companies – to provide cool t-shirts to Bitcoin users

6. Will T-shirt designs only stick to Bitcoin related?

In the nearest time – yes

7. Will you expand to other products such as jackets or hats?

Yes, in the nearest future we are planning to start selling wallets :)

8. Future Development plans?

1. Cool Zobrzobr Wallets
2. Partnership with Bitcoin services
3. Partnership with Bitcoin conferences

Featured Image: ZobrZobr

For more information: http://www.zobrzobr.com/

Nigel Dollentas

Nigel Dollentas

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