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Spend your Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is growing in utility as an everyday currency. More and more companies accept Bitcoin each day, and there are many great options for both online and brick and mortar shopping. If you plan on purchasing things from a brick and mortar shop, you will need a mobile wallet with internet access. eGifter and Gyft allow you to turn your BTC into various gift cards, you’ll also earn extra reward points which go towards gift cards you purchase, giving you more credit to a company than if you were to pay with a non-digital currency.

If you are looking for a specific product, purse.io is an incredible option, you can save up to 35% on items from Amazon just for paying with BTC. I have personally used purse.io for several transactions and have saved a ton of money just by spending my BTC. If you live in the United States, using Circle in conjunction with Purse.io can help you save a ton on the items you want to buy.Bitcoinist_BTC Accepted Here


This is where things can get very shady very fast. In general, I would caution all new Bitcoiners to avoid any type of investments (cloud mining, alt-coins, etc.) There have been several bad actors in this industry that will attempt to defraud you of your valuable Bitcoin. Any service claiming to double your BTC is almost certainly a scam, sending BTC to a company like this is a great way to give away Bitcoin to crooks. Many cloud mining companies have turned out to be shams or Ponzi schemes and have taken huge sums of money from their customers. As a general rule, BTC now is better than BTC later. As a new Bitcoiner, I would caution you to stay away from cloud mining in general. Peer lending sites might be more reliable and safe, but I don’t have enough experience to recommend them.


If you plan on investing in an altcoin, do your research. There a huge risks associated with it. Most Altcoins are simply a C+P of Bitcoin or another already established altcoin, making them virtually worthless. Promises by developers mean very little, investigate thoroughly if you plan on investing.