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The options are increasing day by day, but still offer a wide selection. Listed below is quite a comprehensive list of places where Bitcoin is an accepted payment method.

Overstock-Arguably one of the largest major retailers; they are also one of the first to accept Bitcoin. Selling everything from furniture to electronics, Overstock is one of the places you should check first when trying to buy something with Bitcoin.

Precious metals-there are now many places that sell gold and silver as well as accept Bitcoin. Two of the more renowned places are Euro Pacific (just started accepting Bitcoin) and Amagi Metals. As well as taking traditional payment methods such as PayPal, credit card, etc. they also take Bitcoin, and Amagi metals even takes Dogecoin and Litecoin.

Gyft From Amazon to Zales, Gyfts got you covered. If you’re looking for gift cards of all brands and prices, With features such as a point system that rewards you for doing business with them, to the ability to upload gift cards online to their mobile app so you don’t have to carry them around Gyft has become a huge hit with the Bitcoin community.

TigerDirect – If you’re looking for computer hardware and electronics in general, TigerDirect accept your bitcoin. Also, TigerDirect has a whole mini-website dedicated to educating newcomers to bitcoin, with a video and easy to access links to ASICS or mining hardware. The ASICs they do sell? The selection is quite limited and rather outdated. For example, they’re still selling Butterfly Labs ASICS rated at 10 GH/s for $350, which are in the same ballpark as a 180 GH/S Antminer S1.

Shopify – If you’re looking to start an online business, and would like to accept Bitcoin as payment, Shopify allows you to do just that. Sure you can set up a separate payment processor with Coinbase or Moolah, but Shopfiy allows it to be easily done all, under one roof so to speak. Just because its Bitcoin doesn’t mean that it’s any less secure or convenient as cash or traditional methods, if anything perhaps more secure and convenient.

BTC Trip – Want to go to island where your mansion awaits because you’ve reached the “moon” (Stay long enough around Bitcoin community, you’ll get it.) but all you have is Bitcoin’s? BTC Trip got you covered! Like any other travel agency website, you can look for flights and book them as well, but the unique part is you can pay in Bitcoin.

ASIC brands – Unsurprisingly, companies that manufacture ASICS, such as KNC Miners or Butterfly Labs, as well as the upcoming scrypt ASICS miners, like Zeus Miners. This situation, some exclusively take cryptocurrency, which you should see as a double-edged sword. On one hand they want to support the network are only accepting cryptocurrency.

But due to the irreversible properties of cryptocurrency, they can also just run away with it or “delay shipments” which some brands (not going to name) are infamous for. A good indicator of an ASIC brands reputation is the bitcointalk forum; look under “mining hardware” and the child board “scam accusations”. If you can’t find the specific product you’re looking to purchase, just ask. Someone will most likely answer you promptly and politely.

Gigs, services, etc. – Many people now are accepting Bitcoin as payment, sometimes exclusively. If you need a job done, posting under “services” in the Bitcointalk forums for the subreddit “jobs4bitcoin” will usually get you a response or two reasonably quick.

Bitcoin Boulevard

As it’s famously known is a street in Cleveland, Ohio where every shop accepts Bitcoin. This means actual POS transactions otherwise known as point of sale, not to be confused with proof of stake. Goods and services at Bitcoin Boulevard vary from fine wines to the chocolates to even fries and ice cream. I call it the world in 5 years.


If you’re feeling lucky, you don’t have to look far to find an online gambling websites that accept Bitcoin. In fact, stick around the Bitcointalk forum long enough and you’re bound to notice someone that has included an advertisement of a gambling website in their signature.


If you want to get in the market for try your hand in some investing/trading, exchanges is the way to go. Once you’re there, it’s reminiscent of NASDAQ or other investment agencies. You have the ability to look at buy or sell orders, order depth, recent trade history, etc. Except for one major thing, which is that cryptocurrency values fluctuate.

Now confronted with the statement, there are usually two typical responses. One is a positive response, usually from people that would like to make some money off of daytrading, profiting off of the fluctuations. The second response you usually get are from people that would like to maintain a long-term position in cryptocurrency. While it is possible to do this, diligent research is necessary. On this one, you’re on your own. You can’t really rely on a stranger’s advice when it comes to investing your money.

Everything else – all4btc and The Crypto Depot allow you to basically buy anything on Internet as long as you have 3 things. Payment (Bitcoins, Crypto Depot accepts LTC, DOGE, and VTC as well), shipping address, and a URL. Then you just submit the following information, pay for it and boom! You have just bought xxxxx item with BTC! This is only a work around till more merchants accept Bitcoin directly, but I see it fulfilling a much needed niche market right now.