Virtual Sports and More: BetCoin™ Shakes Market with Release of Industry-Leading Sportsbook -

Virtual Sports and More: BetCoin™ Shakes Market with Release of Industry-Leading Sportsbook


Virtual Sports have finally made it to Bitcoin casinos, and industry pioneer BetCoin™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network is the first to offer them up to players.

With American Football season about to ramp up BetCoin™ has just rolled out their entry into the sportsbook arena, touting features hereto unseen in the Bitcoin casino market – Virtual Sports and Virtual Displays for Live events – and it’s all mobile-ready.

The Virtual Displays make live betting actually enjoyable – especially for players who are betting on the go. Soccer, for example, has an impressive Virtual Display on which players can track field position, which team is in control and even what they are actively doing: be it passing, making a goal approach, or performing a penalty kick.

Virtual Displays of live events are a must-have of any online casino, and the BetCoin™ release of this tech radically affirms the notion that Bitcoin Casinos can – and must – be on the leading edge of technology. With all that praise of the Virtual Display of live events comes a downfall, however. What if the season is closed? Maybe you have a party and ‘the game’ got cancelled. What will you do then? Thankfully, BetCoin™ has introduced a favorite betting hobby into the Bitcoin Casino market as well: full-on virtual sports.

Virtual Sports seem like a no-brainer for online casinos and players alike. They are on-demand, reliable, and tout 3d graphics. With this iteration of Virtual Sports, BetCoin™ has released Tennis, Horse Racing, Dog Racing, and Soccer.

Virtual Sports work exactly the way you want them to: just like the real thing. Tennis has botched shots and soccer has injuries that make you go “Mehhh….” The soccer refs, however, are probably a lot less overzealous. Odds are displayed below the screen in real time, and players can switch in between several different live matches of each sport to find the odds that suit him or her best. The only thing left to do is to win big!

As Bitcoin Casinos become more and more competitive in the market, BetCoin™ continues its trend of releasing top-tier casino game offerings. This release of BetCoin™ Sports and Virtual Sports solidify BetCoin’s™ position as the most competitive game provider with traditional fiat online casinos. We all see the signs of a market shift of online casinos to Bitcoin, and
BetCoin™ is securing its place on top of the mountain.


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