Vienna is getting ready to host the first Bitcoin conference in Central Europe! -

Vienna is getting ready to host the first Bitcoin conference in Central Europe!


Only 24 days left till the conference takes place in Vienna, with admirable list of speakers and exhibitors!

We all know that the next conference we are excited for will take place in Vienna, so let ́s make a summary of what can be expected from the conference.

„We are definitely proud and excited to organize this event“ says event manager Andrej Sebesta and concludes „this will be a wonderful conference. I am very proud about the progress our team made and can ́t wait till it takes place in Vienna! “

The conference gates will open at 7:30 am on Saturday May 31st at Austria Center Vienna. First will be general presentation about Bitcoin for attendees with free ticket but also other attendees from 8:00 – 8:45. The official conference opening starts at 9:00 am and from then on, everyone can look forward to great presentations, speakers, exhibitions and panel discussions.

Attendees will not only get professional information about Bitcoin. Some speakers will deal with the financial situation and regulation in Europe and the obstacles that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies yet have to overcome. Dan Held will talk about web wallets as well as Jan Moller and Andreas Petersson from Mycelium. The investors can learn from well-known key players how to start or include Bitcoin in their business and there will also be panel discussions about Investment, future of Bitcoin etc. Supporters of the free-software foundation can anticipate hour and half long Richard Stallman ́s speech that will also include his opinion on Bitcoin. And well known Bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem will talk via webinar. Full speakers list is available at Tickets include also the very first Bitcoin party for all attendees on May 31st evening!

Since crypto currencies mining is a very hot topic nowadays, miners can look forward to many exhibitions. Several mining companies will present their miners, such as Butterfly Labs, Mining Asics Technologies, Black Miner or Drop Technology. Payment processor Coinvoice is also supporting and exhibiting at the conference among others.

So are you still hesitating whether you want to attend the conference? As Benjamin Franklin once said, “an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”. So become part of this amazing and unique conference, broaden your horizons and buy your ticket now at!

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