vDice Launches ICO for Ethereum-Based Gambling Game

vDice Launches ICO for Ethereum-Based Gambling Game


vDice is Ethereum’s leading blockchain gambling game. It went live in June this year. In only 3 short months it has already processed near 10,000 bets.

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vDice ICO

vdiceAfter sponsoring Ethereum’s Devcon2 in Shanghai, interest was high. This week they announced their Crowdsale.

vDice will be issuing their own token on Ethereum. It will be directly linked to the game profits. The token is called; ‘vSlice’.

Token holders will directly receive profits from the game, automatically. This makes vDice tokens the 1st profit earning tokens in the world.

As lead designer James Groton notes:

“When vDice went live we didn’t know what to expect. It’s been a huge success. Now we’re using Ethereum again. We’re going to show the world its power. We’re issuing the world’s 1st profit earning token. Holders of the token will automatically receive profits from the game.”

James goes on to note: “We’re super excited to have them build and audit the technology.”

The token will be issued using Ethereum standardized code. This will ensure system security. It will be built on the ERC20 token contract. This has already received strong scrutiny and has been thoroughly vetted by the Ethereum community.

The game is live. The tokens will start earning game profits for token holders, immediately.

The crowdsale starts November 15th. It lasts for 1 month.

A GUI wallet is being built. It will be provided with the crowdsale. The aim is to make the crowdsale as simple as possible.



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