UserEcho Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments Through Stripe -

UserEcho Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments Through Stripe

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As more and more companies and service providers start accepting Bitcoin payments, things are slowly shifting for digital currency all over the world. UserEcho is not an everyday business, though, as their software solution is specially designed to create a better customer experience. With over 15,000 customers using the software, UserEcho’s acceptance of Bitcoin payments is sending a major message to companies all over the world.

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UserEcho Focuses On Customers Rather Than Products

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Creating and running a successful business is not easy these days, as customers are more demanding than they have ever been before. Whereas most companies tend to focus on creating new products tailored towards the biggest consumer groups, UserEcho is taking an entirely different approach by focusing their attention on improving the overall user experience.

Customer support is critical to any business, no matter how big or small. However, traditional customer support models are often inadequate, as some consumers prefer email contact, whereas others tend to stick with phone calls. A more streamlined solution can do wonders for all parties involved, and UserEcho brings an intuitive interface for asking questions and suggesting ideas.

That being said, such a software solution would not work well without improving the average response time as well. The system developed by UserEcho provides an intelligent search engine and allows for companies to create prepared answers to build up a knowledge base. Most of the questions can be responded to this way, without requiring further involvement from customer support representatives.

Moreover, such a convenient solution can help improve the trustUserEcho Stripe relation between the company and its clients. Customers can see how company representatives interact with people asking questions or making suggestions, which can also help further improve brand visibility in the long run.

With over 15,000 businesses and project using the UserEcho software solution, this project has been off to a great start ever since it launched. Among their list of customers are JDB Pocketware, Anturis, Swapdom, and Unify Solutions to name a few. But that list will continue to grow, especially now that UserEcho has started accepting Bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin Payments Through Stripe

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Unlike most companies exploring Bitcoin payments as an option, UserEcho did not go for either BitPay or Coinbase. Instead, the company partnered with Stripe to process Bitcoin transactions, which will convert payments to US Dollar on the fly.This decision will open up the service provided by UserEcho to potential customers all over the world.

Speaking of the pricing, there is only one price plan available. For just US$15 per month, companies and SMEs can reap the benefits from the service offered by UserEcho, after their free 15-day trial has come to an end. Bitcoin users will receive a new invoice every month as Stripe does not have recurring payments enabled for the digital currency.

What are your thoughts on userEcho accepting Bitcoin payments? Is this a service that can benefit from digital currency? Let us know in the comments below!

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