Use Bitcoin to Play the $1.3 Billion PowerBall Lottery -

Use Bitcoin to Play the $1.3 Billion PowerBall Lottery


The PowerBall lottery in the United States has hit a historical high of $1.3 Billion USD. The lotto is all the craze in the States at the moment, and people around the world are amazed at the sheer size of the prize. Exbino, a lottery services provider, wants to help you improve your chances of winning that jackpot, and will also let you buy your tickets with bitcoin.

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Play the PowerBall with Bitcoin

PowerBallThe Exbino website reads, “We are committed to providing our customers with the best, most efficient and personal service. Our service (sic) are aimed at achieving the highest level of satisfaction of our clients.” The company works to achieve those stated goals by working “with a professional team of statisticians and mathematicians to increase the winning odds of our clients.”

Touting top-notch customer service, Exbino claims:

We constantly invest huge resources in creating a tailor-made environment for our clients. We are focused on our clients’ needs and we strive to make that using Exbinol is easy, secure and fast .We have a network of worldwide professional agents, who offer personal service to our customers. Every question or issue will be quickly resolved, in order to give our customers piece of mind, and the ability to enjoy their lottery experience to the max.

Exbino clients can play lotteries in multiple countries, including the PowerBall and MegaMillions in the US, and the EuroMillions and EuroJackpot in Europe. Claiming to increase your odds of winning, Exbino says that, “We work with a professional team of statisticians and mathematicians to increase the winning odds of our clients. We evaluate the major official lotteries worldwide, their winning odds and statistical data, while maximizing and improving our clients’ investments.”

The best part for our readers is the fact that Exbino accepts bitcoin for its services. With this company, you can buy PowerBall tickets with bitcoin, allowing you to get your chance to win the historic $1.3 billion prize with one of the fastest and most private digital currencies in the world. After purchasing your lottery tickets online, Exbino will send you scans of your tickets, and they will also mail you the originals.

If you win any of the lotteries supported by Exbino, the company will help you with your payouts. Users can deposit small winnings into their Exbino accounts via wire transfer, e-wallet, or even bitcoin. For the largest payouts, Exbino will help you pickup your winnings in person or will help you transfer them to the bank account of your choice.

So, if you’re thinking about playing the lottery this week in hopes of winning that $1.3 billion, you might want to consider Exbino. Not only do they advertise an increased chance of winning, but you can enter to win by using bitcoin, everyone’s favorite digital currency.

You can visit Exbino’s website here

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  • thirdalbum

    How can they give you a bigger chance of winning without increasing the number of tickets you purchase? Some balls are drawn more often than other balls, granted, but the lists of those are available online.

  • Falkvinge

    There is no fucking way I’m trusting these people with anything. They have not a clue about the most basic security.

    I started the signup process here. First red flag was that they had a MAX PASSWORD LENGTH of ten (10!) characters. That’s a huge red flag, because a max password length (any length) means they’re storing your password in cleartext in a database, which goes against the most basic security precautions. You just don’t do it. It’s dangerous, reckless and careless. You hash the password and you salt the password before storing it, which means you never EVER enforce a max password length.

    Once I got a welcome mail, bad turned to horrible. They sent me my login details in mail. INCLUDING THE PASSWORD I PICKED. IN CLEARTEXT. IN MAIL.

    There is no fucking way I’m trusting these people with anything. They have not a clue about the most basic security.