UK Law Enforcement Sources Hint At Impending Craig Wright Arrest

UK Law Enforcement Sources Hint At Impending Craig Wright Arrest

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With all of the discussion regarding Craig Wright these days, the rest of the world is looking at this news with raised eyebrows. In fact, the UK government has not taken kindly to his “revelation”, as Wright might be facing jail time for outing himself as Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Craig Wright Remains On The Law Enforcement Radar

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People who have been following the Craig Wright – Satoshi Nakamoto connection for quite some time now, will have noticed law enforcement agencies are targeting the man. Last December, when the media connected him to creating Bitcoin, his house and office were raided by Australian police. Back then, this was connected a tax advantage he had received for holding Bitcoin, which Wright claimed to have lost later on.

As one would come to expect from such a move by law enforcement, everything in his house and office was gone over with a fine-toothed comb. Given Craig Wright’s involvement in the Australian technology sector throughout the years, he has been a high-profile person in the country for quite some time now.

But Australia is not the only country in the world keeping a very close eye on what Craig Wright is doing, as the UK police have intentions to arrest him using the anti-terror legislation. Although this has not been confirmed by officials just yet, anonymous sources have leaked this information to the press.

Considering how Craig Wright was able to “show” he is Satoshi Nakamoto to the BBC and two other main media outlets, he has brought a lot of attention to himself in the past few days. This remains rather strange for someone who claims to have no interest in fame or media attention, though, but that is a topic for a different discussion.

Under the anti-terrorism legislation in the United Kingdom, the Home Secretary can impose “control orders’ on any individual suspected of involvement in terrorism. Whether or not this act can be enforced when dealing with the alleged creator of Bitcoin – which has often been associated with terrorist funding – remains to be seen, though.

One thing’s for sure; outing himself as the alleged creator of Bitcoin has painted a bullseye on the back of Craig Wright. In the end, this decision may come back to bite him in the rear, assuming the UK police wants to go through with these plans to arrest him. Moreover, it is still doubtful Wright is the actual creator of Bitcoin, as there has been no conclusive evidence so far.

What are your thoughts on these unconfirmed rumors about an impending Craig Wright arrest? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Melanie

    What a MORON!!! God has yet to “identify” Himself, because he knows that every Tom, Dick, and Harry will blame him for all the atrocities of humanity and Mother nature, yet this BOZO thinks the “cuckolds” (sniveling little shitty men) of the world won’t. SMFH

  • rjf

    A sad little man trying to get his “15 minutes of fame” Perhaps he thinks if everyone believes he is Nakamoto he won’t end up in jail for his “other” endeavors. Even Gavin is backing off his statement. It’s going to all come tumbling down for him just like other great imposters throughout history. And to the real Nakamoto, wherever you are, whoever you are, no offense but, we really don’t want or need to know. Peace…

  • wonky tonky

    i still wonder is it EVER proven that bitcoin was used for terrorisme.. then agian . with 10k you can probably buy whatever you need to be a little terrorist… why even use bitcoin.. it’s tracable.

    on topic.. this guy had a lot of red flags beeing a scammer from day 1

  • Melanie

    “And to the real Nakamoto, wherever you are, whoever you are, no offense but, we really don’t want or need to know. Peace…”

    Great comment! You probably made his/her/their (?) day!

    I don’t think he will ever make himself known to the public.