The Virtual Bitcoin Expo -

The Virtual Bitcoin Expo


An idea, a project that has recently come to my attention and which I find to be outstanding is having a virtual bitcoin expo. Unseen in the cryptocurrency world, it would build upon the idea of technology being what eases us into a new generation. The same way cryptocurrency does, this definitely supports the idea of next generation technology. The actual fair will be placed in a virtual city setting through which companies will be able to purchase stands and have those stands located somewhere inside the city. Not only this, entrance for visitors is free, and you can virtually visit all the stands if it is your desire.

Most stands will contain services and products that can be bought with bitcoin. At this point, I am not sure if you will actually be able to buy these virtually at the fair or if you will require further contact with the person managing the virtual stand. The fair will take place for a total of 15 days ranging from the 1st of march of 2015 all the way to the 15th of march which should give people a hefty amount of time in order to look at all of the stands.


According to the actual website, there are quite a few reasons to attend which I am mostly in accordance with:

  • You can build new business relations:  One of the main reasons why I will attend
  • The platform allows measuring the effectiveness of advertising, website’s traffic and brand’s positioning
  • Users will be able to interact with each other and enlarge their activity in their own social networks
  • 3D stands make of this a unique experience for the user in an easy to access virtual environment
  • Virtual Bitcoin Expo provides an easy to access online platform. This maximises attendance, by removing the visitor costs

Now that we have seen the reasons why we should attend, what will we be offered at the actual expo? What types of things will we be able to experience?:

  • Interactive platform
  • Conferences
  • Online support
  • Online display of products and services
  • 3D spaces
  • Chats and video calls between exhibitor and visitor: Looking forward to this

These are some of the features that we will be able to see at the expo which are quite interesting the way they stand. It seems that a very important aspect when speaking of this expo is the obtaining of new business contacts which should help a lot once in the business side of the cryptocurrency world. Not only this, this expo is aiming at people from Latin America as well so this event will truly be an international event. Its worth mentioning that the amount of visitors allowed simultaneously is 10 thousand which shouldn’t be an issue in my opinion.


Personally, I’m quite excited to see what this expo is going to offer. It is quite intriguing as we have not seen such an event virtually in cryptocurrency. It opens doors to those who can’t attend these types of events personally in order to build more business contacts, and even buy products or services through their bitcoin. Living in Latin America, its quite hard to attend events that are held in the United States so I find this idea to be great for those who are unable to travel so often. It is going to be quite some time waiting, but if executed correctly, it could be a large event with bitcoin supporters from all over the world. Not to mention the merchants that could potentially show up at this virtual event.

Armaan Chandnani

Armaan Chandnani

Born and currently living in Panama. Currently studying finance as a major. I have a great passion for bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole. Feel free to comment! I am sure we will have interesting discussions.