The Bitcoin Foundation's Conference Success -

The Bitcoin Foundation’s Conference Success


This is what they had to say after the Conference:

“Thank you for joining us for the most international and influential Bitcoin conference to date! We hosted over 1100+ attendees from 50+ countries, 140+ speakers, 45+ sponsors, 40+ exhibitors and 60+ media; including but not limited to The Economist, Bloomberg, New York Times,  Reuters and the Associated Press. A special thanks to leading Bitcoin media outlet,CoinDesk, for providing daily coverage in addition to sponsoring lanyards.
And what about’s newest work? We’re honored to have premiered “Bitcoin in Uganda – Empowering People” at #Bitcoin2014. we hope you are as inspired as we are to think about the one person whose life your idea will improve and change forever.”


BlockChain Award

With over 700+ participants and over 1700+ people voted for the first ever held award.

The winners are:

Of course the conference had many more interesting happenings such as the International Affiliate Summit with over 60 participants and a Start Up challenge with over 64 participants sponsored by Ripple Labs.

Take a look at the most interesting day of the conference: Day 2

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