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TalkTalk Website Security Still Lackluster – Bitcoin Platforms Learned Their Lesson

Whenever a major company or service provider gets hacked, one would expect them to step up their security game by quite a margin. Just a few weeks ago...

Barclays Customers Suffer Second Outage In One Week

Technical issues are a broad concept, especially as far as financial services are concerned. These issues can range anywhere from a broken-down machin...

TalkTalk Hack Investigation Leads to Arrest of Teenager

In light of the recent TalkTalk hack, a teenage boy hailing from Northern Ireland has been arrested. Official charges against this person include offe...

TalkTalk Hacked – Centralized Solutions and Unencrypted Customer Data

Theft of credit card information is nothing new under the sun, as these types of data breaches occur on a regular basis in this day and age. British p...