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Bitcoin Price Stagnates, What Happens Next?

This week has witnessed tension in the world of Bitcoin. For the most part, the currency has been on a relative bull run since this price observance s...

Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin Doomed While Blockchain Is for Real

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon is back in the Satoshi spotlight. Speaking during an appearance on CNBC’s coverage of the World Economic Forum meetings in...

HomeHero Decentralizes Senior Citizen Care

The next wave of decentralization may very well come from a quite unexpected corner of our society. More and more startups are focusing on healthcare ...

Telecom Provider Orange Set to Invest in Bitcoin Startups

While several companies are trying to bring Bitcoin to mobile payment systems, one of the world’s biggest telecom providers has plans to invest in S...

Wall Street and Silicon Valley Aren’t Investing in Bitcoin, They’re Investing in Bitcoin Business

For years, speculative day-traders have been eagerly awaiting the day that Wall Street cash flows onto their favorite exchange. If a few Wall Street s...