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Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Samsung Pay Hits Online Shopping, Moe Levin Talks 2016

This week proved to be a quiet one as the community showed little activity following the Christmas holiday and going into New Year’s. The price ...

Samsung Pay Bringing More Competition to Bitcoin by Enabling Online Shopping in 2016

Samsung is planning to expand its mobile payment service, Samsung Pay, into the US online shopping market. Additionally, Samsung will allow more smart...

Chase Support for Samsung Pay Brings Competition To Bitcoin

Samsung Pay is getting ahead of its competitors thanks to its innovative technology for mobile payments. Now that Chase Bank is supporting Samsung Pay...

Bitcoin Is Superior To Cashless Systems Used Today

A society without physical money is already becoming very apparent in our world. Most people do not use cash or checks like they used to 20 years ago....

Apple Pay Adds Amex Corporate Card Support, Bitcoin Still Favorable Solution For Mobile Payments

With mobile payments being the next big thing in the world of finance, many eyes are on new services such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Even though bo...

Samsung Pay Faces Same Struggle as Bitcoin Startups In Finding European Bank Partners

Mobile payments are slowly creeping into our daily lives, as more and more competitive services start to emerge. Apple Pay, one of the most popular mo...