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Minex Putting the Fate of its MineCoin Central Bank to a Vote

KIEV, Ukraine — MinexSystems, the team behind MineCoin, is asking its users how the Minex Bank should operate. The company wants its community to vo...

Minex Systems Lists ‘4 Reasons to Join the MineCoin ICO This Week’

After raising an initial $150,000 USD, Minex continues its ICO until the end of December. Between now and the close of the crowdsale, the team has dis...

MineCoin ‘Central Bank’ Claims to Solve Cryptocurrency Volatility

Minex, the team behind MineCoin, has announced a new “ecosystem.” Aimed at decreasing price volatility, the firm said the platform will make “Mi...

Minex Platform Launches ICO for MineCoin Crypto-Token

MineCoin, the token powering the Minex business management and investment platform, is now available for subscription. Disclaimer: This article was sp...