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WatchMyBit: The Bitcoin Pay-Per-View

WatchMyBit is a service that allows artists to monetize their work in Bitcoin. The startup launched in 2014 has enabled filmmakers to distribute video...

Bitcoin to Monetize Mobile Games Industry Soon?

The mobile business is booming in recent years, and many companies are trying their hand at creating addictive mobile games. Developing such games tak...

Micropayments – Interview with the PopChest Team

PopChest is a new platform that uses Bitcoin micropayments to generate an income to its participants. PopChest uses bitcoin micropayments to get peopl...

Move Over Periscope and Meerkat, Streamium.io + Bitcoin is Here

Streamium.io is definitely one of the most exciting creations to come out the Bitcoin community lately. Twitter was taken by storm upon its launch it...

Is Bitcoin The Future of Micropayments?

A micropayment is a type of payment that uses relatively small amounts of money to purchase every day items, such as food and drink. Now that bitcoin...

Social Bitcoin Tipping Service ChangeTip Raises $3.5 Million

San Francisco based social media tipping service announced they raised $3.5 million in their seed round of funding from various seasoned bitcoin ventu...