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US Department of Justice Investigates Uber Data Breach, Could Have Been Prevented with Blockchain

The United States Department of Justice has launched a criminal investigation into an Uber data breach that occurred in May 2014. Reuters reported tha...

Car Ownership Numbers Dwindle Due to Decentralized Alternatives

Car ownership is no longer as valuable of a commodity as it used to be a decade ago. In this day and ago, car-sharing and ride-hailing services are pr...

New York Cab Drivers Fight Uber and Lyft With Arro, Bitcoin Payments Soon?

It was only a matter of time until this “war” between decentralized car-sharing services and regular car drivers would lead to some positive news....

Decentralized Services Responsible for On-demand Worker Class Creation?

Decentralized and so-called on-demand services are facing a lot of uphill struggles these days. Not just due to the legal and regulatory consideration...

QuickSilver Coin Takes Aim at Cab Companies

There’s a groundswell currently brewing in favor of Uber and Lyft, two ride-sharing companies that are shaking up the taxi industry. Hailing a cab i...