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TalkTalk Website Security Still Lackluster – Bitcoin Platforms Learned Their Lesson

Whenever a major company or service provider gets hacked, one would expect them to step up their security game by quite a margin. Just a few weeks ago...

Blockchain Technology Could Have Prevented Golden Eye International Copyright Infringement

Sometimes, people start to wonder what has become of our society, as certain stories sound too crazy to be true. Or at last, that is what most Sky bro...

ZHONE Routers Vulnerable to Zero-Day Exploit – Bitcoin Users At Risk?

There are plenty of reasons to use a router for internet connectivity, rather than relying on the hardware offered by an internet service provider. Un...

Venezuela “Tests” Bitcoin Website Ban – Streisand Effect Incoming

Update: The source of the downtime seems to be an attack on a website (DolarToday) which was using CloudFlare. As a result, multiple sites, including ...

New Australian Law Attacks Piracy Websites

Australia has passed a controversial new law that will allow media companies to request that “pirate” sites be blocked, in an attempt to s...

Comcast Customer Loses Email Address, Blockchain Technology Could Have Prevented It

Digital ownership of an item or service is rather difficult to prove, and can sometimes lead to very awkward situations. An example of such a mishap c...