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Synereo Reveals Storage Protocol, ‘Reflective’ Programming Language

TEL-AVIV, Sept. 23 — Two weeks after announcing Rchain, the first scalable, turing complete blockchain infrastructure, Synereo discloses two ad...

T-Mobile Data Sharing Creates Opportunities For Internet of Things And Bitcoin

Mobile Internet connectivity is playing an ever-increasing role of importance to consumers all over the world. But there is one thing that could do wi...

China’s Growing Number of Internet-Connected Users Is Positive For Bitcoin

An interesting statistic was released earlier today, detailing how slightly over half of the Chinese population is now officially connected to the Int...

Remotely Proxied Internet Connectivity To Boost Bitcoin Adoption in Oppressive Nations?

In our Bitcoin Breaking News Brief article yesterday, it was mentioned how the ProxyHam Box will not be revealed after all. As sad as the news was to ...

Decentralized TV: The Future of Media?

The Internet technologies facilitated the emergence of a broad range of business opportunities along the appearance of several new industries. It also...

Bitcoin Is Much Like the Internet in Its Beginnings

A lot of people talk about bitcoin as a new kind of currency, but Bitcoin is a whole lot more than that. The real revolution of bitcoin is that it can...