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500 Million Records Stolen in 2015 Due To Security Vulnerabilities

Despite the wide variety of cyber attacks against companies and individual users all over the world, far too many websites contain security vulnerabil...

VTech Hack Illustrates Need For Decentralized Data Solutions

As if there weren’t already enough examples as to why centralized databases are not a viable solution, the hack of VTech’s servers sheds an unwelc...

Dow Jones Subscriber Database Hacked – Time For Decentralized Solutions

Even Dow Jones subscribers are not safe from the threat posed by hackers who are seeking out vulnerabilities to collect user data. It is not the first...

Patreon Database Hack Illustrates Urgent Need for Decentralized Solutions

When the Patreon database hack was announced, the technology industry was once again reminded why centralized solutions are not the way forward. Not o...