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21 Marketplace Now Offers Paid APIs For Bitcoin

21 Inc is one of the companies active in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency who keep bringing additional services and platforms to the table. E...

21 Inc. Details Payment Capabilities for its Hardware

In an announcement posted to the company’s blog on Medium, 21 Inc. revealed details about the 21 Bitcoin Computer’s unique ability to facilita...

Cloning 21 Inc’s Repository Does Not Turn a Raspberry Pi Into The Bitcoin Computer

Ever since the Bitcoin computer by 21 Inc has been released, various community members have been very vocal about how expensive this device is. Especi...

Bitcoinist Weekly News Re-Hash: Bitcoin Computer Launched, Ecuador Censorship

This week saw some modest gains in the Bitcoin price. While this growth was far from extreme, it was indeed fairly unexpected. Last week, the price en...

Introducing the $400 Bitcoin Computer, 21 Inc.’s First Product

The well funded Bitcoin company, 21 inc., has released a product: The 21 Bitcoin Computer. The Bitcoin computer will allow any type of user to have fu...