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Study Shows 44% of Consumers in Germany Know What Bitcoin Is

It should come as no surprise to find out a lot of people have heard of Bitcoin by now, even though very few consumers have used the cryptocurrency so...

Classic Fork Release Launches Consensus Hysteria

We’ve had a few days to see effects of Bitcoin Classic’s late beta release, and they’re surprisingly powerful. In the past week, Co...

The Curse of Bitcoin

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Bitcoin’s Obscene Wealth Disparity Is a Feature

Bitcoin promises extraordinary rewards to early adopters, should it go mainstream. The rewards are potentially far greater, for the earliest adopters,...

Paypal to start accepting Bitcoin?

After a short Paypal video talking about mobile payment systems that briefly mentioned using Bitcoin for the aforementioned payment systems, Braintree...

The Bit Drop: Bringing Bitcoin to Dominica (Exclusive Interview)

Taken from Dominica “The Bit Drop” PR: Dominica is set to be the first nation to adopt Bitcoin following a successful collaboration betwee...