Summary of the Amsterdam Conference -

Summary of the Amsterdam Conference

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The 2014 Bitcoin Conference took place in Amsterdam organized by the Bitcoin Foundation. I believe it has been the biggest so far…
Everyone was there from the industry as it was the most important conference from all. Even other conference organizers visited the event as well

We have been present at the Miami, Berlin, Texas and NYC conference as well and we have to say that this has been the most productive for us as we made 15 interviews and made some video footage as well.

Jon Matonis ( Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation)  told about the conference:

“The bitcoin foundation is really active and our aim is to educate people about bitcoin and get as many people involved as possible”

Here are some highlights from the keynote speakers:

Charlie Lee (CEO of BTC China)

He told about the problems bitcoin is facing in Chine in the last 5 month mainly because of the People’s Bank of China.
The situation is not the best now he added, there are no written orders from the central bank whatsoever but unfortunately the major banks stopped dealing with companies like bitcoin exchanges.

Patrick Byrne (CEO of

The speech was a really informative lesson in the historical context of bitcoin. Byrne used great thinkers like Marx, Hegel  to explain why he supports the cryptocurrency world that much revolution.

“As much as I love bitcoin, I am all about the crypto revolution,”

He said.

The conference in numbers:

– Over 1200 attendees
– Participants from 50 countries
– 120 Speakers

The Bitcoin conference is organised annually by the Bitcoin Foundation. The last year’s event was held in San Jose, California, and Matonis has revealed that the Foundation is looking to Asia for next year’s conference.
We will be there for sure.

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