Satoshi Square ATX - a Bitcoin Exchange and Social Club -

Satoshi Square ATX – a Bitcoin Exchange and Social Club


A home for Bitcoin enthusiasts in the heart of Texas.

[quote]”We hope to show people the new freedoms that are possible by building a strong, independent, economic community.”

Amid the flood of interest in Bitcoin, a collective of hackers and  entrepreneurs are starting Austin’s first dedicated bitcoin exchange to truly test what businesses and communities look like when using bitcoin as their primary currency. They will be hosting their Official Launch party, dubbed “Freedom Friday” on Friday, July 4th; at 301 Chicon Street, Austin, TX, 78702. Further details can be found at

try#5-atualsatoshi (4)In addition to the bitcoin exchange, the 3,500 sq/ft depot will feature co-working and a coffee bar to support innovators in the growing ecosystem.  The community is quickly getting recognized for experimenting with new businesses and business models, and there is evidence that the experimentation is working. Bitcoin is the next logical step for the hackers and they are looking to make Satoshi Square and the coworking space a permanent model for economic development.

The event “Freedom Friday,” is being hosted on the 4th of July, Daniel Cadiz – Satoshi’s Trademaster says “because we hope to show people the new freedoms that are possible by building a strong, independent, economic community.”

Satoshi Square is aimed at becoming the social nexus for person-to-person bitcoin exchanges in Austin.  It is a safe, informative, and professional environment.  “Our first job is to educate the average person about bitcoin, how it works, and where to use in your everyday life” Scott Akers, the collective’s EIR continues “but to be successful, we need to have more conversations about how to develop economic relationships across all sectors of the economy. We will facilitate these conversations.”

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When asked, “why” Akers says “We’re ready to test what is possible with bitcoin, and we want to better understand how average communities and businesses can thrive with digital currencies.” He continues “bitcoiners by nature are forward looking, responsible, and focused on building a healthy business ecosystem.”

Details for the event can be found here, the event is meant to encourage newcomers, business owners, or enthusiasts to join the occasion. If you have a bitcoin wallet, or if you are looking to get one, people will be there to help. There’s a free beer waiting for anyone that sets up a wallet at the event.  “We encourage bitcoin community members to contribute to the cause through donations, cross promotion, and showing up to join the community of pioneers!” You can contact Daniel and Scott directly at [email protected], for sponsorship opportunities.  To obtain more information about Satoshi Square at


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Marco Pineda

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