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Raising 15 BTC to help SyncCoin’s lead developer exit Gaza


SyncCoin has definitely become an altcoin to watch in the past months due to the many things being done to bring real world use to the coin. Now, a problem has risen towards the lead developer of sync. Most people should be aware of the conflict in Gaza, and unfortunately, the lead developer, Iyad Elkfarna happens to be living there.

Iyad has worked in other coin project, but as of right now, he is the lead developer for Sync. Not to mention, he is highly regarded in freelancer through which his identity is verified. It should also be mentioned that other websites have verified the identity of Iyad through birth ceritficates provided to them in order to legitimize it. Personally, I have been shown proof of these documents, and can stand by him living in Gaza.

A quote by Iyad regarding his experiences in Gaza with the conflict being in action:

“My name is Iyad Elkfarna and my family have lost everything we own due to the ongoing war in Gaza. I was running a small online business and is nothing to do with any of the madness and killing that is going on at the moment. Now my house and all of my possessions have been destroyed in a recent random airstrike. This includes my computer and equipment that I use to make a living and provide for my family. There is a lot of killing and misery going on in Gaza at the moment but it seems so much more real when you know the people involved and not just watching it on the TV at home. I need to get out the WAR zone to live like normal people and get good life for my family”.

There is a simple goal put in place by the Sync Foundation which targets the community of Sync or any other person who is willing to help. They are trying to raise 15 btc in order to evacuate Iyan and his family from Gaza. The bitcoin donation address can be found here. Every time you hear of a story such as this one, it is truly heartbreaking, but at least an opportunity to help a fellow community member has risen.

There is no telling what will happen in the ongoing conflict in Gaza, but all we can do for now is to pray for all those involved in the conflict, and hope that with small steps such as this one, we might be able to end this conflict once and for all.

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