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RADON – The Next Generation Cryptocurrency built from scratch


Radon is a new crypto currency built with its own source code, and designed to be entirely web based and will not be a fork of the Bitcoin client. The project aims to make the crypto currency concept simple as possible. This allows the movement of the crypto currency platform to the general consumer. Radon also aims to be the most transparent cryptocurrency in the ecosystem, enabling several new features that grant total security and total transparency.

Radon will use a custom block chain and block explorer for the analysis of transactions. Development is primarily concerned with development for user adoption. Radon’s primary goal is to create a simple and easy to use crypto currency that allows large community adoption as well as individual and personal adoption.
The Radon development team believes that as development transpires it should be catered to the regular consumer who is not adept in any sort of crypto currency environment, and this is what drove them to design a platform having the regular consumer in mind.RADON_article_1_Bitcoinist

One of the Radon team’s major goals is to connect the world using Radon; the team believes that other cryptocurrencies are too complicated for the current non-technical average user to understand, and decided to focus on designing Radon as simple as possible for the average user to use and understand. Crypto currency should be used for everyday transactions. While others are focusing on anonymity we are focusing on transparency of transactions.


File transaction – encrypt files with AES algorithm using a password
High Security – Curve 25519 high security encryption algorithm
Tree Transactions – Tree like transaction view
Lantern – Coin and file sending

File transaction

File transaction is an important part of the system; the file encryption methodology is based on AES-128 along with PBKDF2 encryption, which is the standard encryption algorithm. Users will be able to send and receive files based in the network itself. Coin sending will be allowed along with file sending.
With the file encryption feature users will be able to encrypt their files with the AES algorithm using a password, but the best part is that the files will NOT be stored in Radon servers.

High Security

Security is a Top priority for the Radon Team, so the platform uses Curve25519, a high security encryption algorithm to protect the users account. Users will also be able to secure your account with a 128 character password and make your account even more secure. To access a wallet users need a password that will be max 128 digit long; this password will be the way to access the coins so each password of each wallet will be encrypted with the AES encryption algorithms to make sure that no one else can have access to the user coins.

Tree Transactions

Tree transactions are used instead of viewing your transactions within a simple table form you can now view your latest transactions in tree like form. We are aiming to make transactions more easily viewable and more easily traceable this means that mainstream adoption can occur. With these transactions you can also label them as numerous payment methods. You can setup payment methods to allow payment for separate dates, which will automatically be paid to parties on the specified date.


Lantern is also a part of the system. Lantern methodology will be based on AES-256, which is a current data encryption standard, and the standard encryption algorithm. Users will be able to send and receive files based in the network itself. Coin sending will be allowed along with file sendingRADON_article_cover_Bitcoinist

The Radon Platform will have multiple currency conversions for all relative currencies to allow users to see accurate price conversions for the coins themselves.
Mobile tech will also be used to allow for mobile adoption. All transactions and all currency data that is needed for the user will be viewable from a secure web client.
By implementing a an easy to use, fully secure and transparent cryptocurrency platform specially designed to the average user, Radon can really attract a lot of newcomers and lead digital currencies to mass adoption!

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