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Popular Derivative Based Bitcoin Trading Platform Expands into China


Due to popular demand, Coinarch has recently launched into China. Coinarch CEO, Jeremy Glaros,said

We have received a lot of interest from the Chinese market and are really excited about the opportunity. We have appointed bitcoin specialist, Eric Mu, as Head of Business Development to lead the project.

Based in Singapore, Coinarch is an online trading platform offering innovative trading solutions for bitcoin. The Coinarch team has used its 25 years’ experience in financial markets to bring industry leading products to the bitcoin space. The current suite of Coinarch products is targeted at traders and bitcoin enthusiasts, with the products designed to be easy to understand and simple to use.

Coinarch has helped shape the bitcoin trading arena since its inception. It has achieved several firsts globally, notably the introduction of the Coinarch Maximiser – the world’s first ‘reverse convertible’ investment product for bitcoin.

Coinarch products have all market conditions covered, allowing users to profit in rising, falling or flat markets. The Coinarch Booster offers users the ability to profit in a rising or falling market using up to10x leverage, while the Coinarch Maximiser offers users the ability to earn a high rate of interest in a flat market or purchase bitcoins at a discount to the bitcoin price at deal inception.

Glaros added,

Unlike some alternative bitcoin trading products, our leverage products are not subject to scale backs meaning you retain 100% of the profits you earn in all market conditions. This is a huge differentiator in the bitcoin trading arena. We are proud of our offering and are thrilled that our customers have responded so positively to it. Our goal now is to build the next generation of bitcoinlinked products to open up new ways for participants in the bitcoin space to manage their risks and tailor their returns.

For more information on Coinarch please visit www.coinarch.cn or contact Eric Mu.

Eric Mu
Head of Business Development – Coinarch

M +86 185 1003 3995
E:[email protected]


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