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It is possible to purchase products or services using cryptocurrency from places you might not expect. A user may purchase from eBay using bitcoin, in fact they have made a cryptocurrency section to their US website, which they plan on expanding to other countries. If you’re in other countries, do not worry, you can still post in a classified ad listing. Do note that these are not protected by eBay’s regulations, so tread carefully.

You can also find some pretty reputable traders over at BitcoinTalk and LiteCoinTalk in the “Currency Exchange” sub-section under “Marketplace” which is under “Economy”. If you’re having trouble discerning someone’s reputation as a trader, you could also look under “Trading Discussion”.

Usually people here accept a wide variety of payment methods, ranging from Western Union to Skrill. Also, as all parties have a mutual incentive to be honest to prevent scams therefore ensuring security and safety.

The forums also have the ability to mark fraudulent traders with a “scammer” tag. This will also replace their coins under their username with large X’s, making it easy for you to spot out scammers. You should still remain vigilant, as the forum can’t mark people that haven’t scammed yet.

The last place you can also check is numerous Reddit subreddits. There are several good places to check, below are some of the more established subreddits.


If you’re looking for vertcoin, here’s a good place to start. The vertcoin communities known for its open and friendly enthusiasm towards newcomers and this place is no different. Besides buying vertcoin for fiat, usually via Google wallet or PayPal, people are also offering physical and digital goods.


Dubbing itself as “Reddit altcoin exchange”, all sorts of trades are going on right now. Some of the most recent trades for example include a pair of Beats Tour 2.0 headphones in exchange for Bitcoin, or an iTunes gift card for bitcoin. Please note people do pay a premium for Bitcoin. For example, the previously mentioned iTunes card is worth $15 and the person is only looking for $10 in Bitcoin, so if you’re looking to cash out your Bitcoin looking here first might be a good option.


Exclusively physical or digital goods to bitcoin, in fact, they explicitly say in the subreddit rules, “don’t even mention PayPal”. Besides that, this is arguably one of the most diverse markets with people selling anything from iPads to Steam games to even graphics cards.


From some casual glancing on some of the recent posts, this market is more focused on exchanging Litecoin for fiat and vice versa, as well as computer hardware, especially graphics cards. However please not this subreddit does not seem as active as the other subreddits, so we recommend looking elsewhere first.

The subreddit of the coin itself(Anecdotal Evidence) – if there is no dedicated subreddit “market” for the coin you’d like to exchange in, we find that it is completely acceptable to post one in this subreddit. However please do check first for a dedicated market, as people that want to learn about the coin or keep up with recent news don’t usually like to sift through market listings.