Open Bazaar: If Ebay and Bitorrent Had A Baby -

Open Bazaar: If Ebay and Bitorrent Had A Baby

“If Ebay and Bitorrent had a baby, the combination would spawn Open Bazaar”

Review of Open Bazaar

What is Open Bazaar?

Open Bazaar is a decentralized marketplace.

Why Should I Care?

A decentralized marketplace means that you can now freely trade with anyone in the world without regulations and governments slowing down business. Let’s face it, most online shopping experiences are horrendous. OpenBazaar gives you the freedom to buy what you want from whom you want. For Merchants, OpenBazaar means less fees and more money for consumers and merchants. Finally…welcome to a world of free trade!

Notable Features of OpenBazaar

  • Order management system
  • Ricardian-style contracts
  • Multisignature escrow-based transactions
  • Arbiter management and marketplace
  • Private messaging
  • Identity/Reputation system

How To Find Out More

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