Now you can mine DarkCoin on Genesis Mining! -

Now you can mine DarkCoin on Genesis Mining!


Genesis Mining, as per own words world’s leading scrypt hashpower provider, just announced to support DarkCoin as user payout currency and LiteCoin implementation into their payment system!

DarkCoin implemented using their unique autotrading techniques where the user’s hashpower will mine the most profitable scrypt coin and have it exchanged to DarkCoin. Genesis Mining is using this technique very successful for BTC already.

With their implementation of the possibility to pay the contracts with LiteCoin also, they are one of the first big companies to be a true “multi currency company”. We are sure they will be adding even more coins on both sides, payout and payment, in the future.

“The addition of DarkCoin as payout option for the user as well as the implementation of Litecoin into the payment side will offer our customers an even better experience with our services. We are constantly enhancing the features of Genesis Mining! While saying this, I can disclose we will be adding X11 and X13 soon!”

Said Jan Heinicke-Clemm from Genesis Mining

That’s a big deal! When Genesis Mining is to implement X11 and X13 they are world’s first cloud hashing company to offer these algorithms!
We should all stay tuned and watch closely for what they do next!

For more information visit Genesis Mining and start to mine your own DarkCoin or LTC is the ultimate news and review site for the crypto currency community!

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