Now Live: Episode 7 of the Bitcoinist Podcast -

Now Live: Episode 7 of the Bitcoinist Podcast

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Have a listen to Episode 7 of the Bitcoinist podcast, featuring special guest Kevin McKernan, founder of the Cannabis Genome Project. The podcast is now available on iTunes as well as Stitcher,  and gPodder. If you like what you hear, please leave a comment or review on iTunes or in the comments:

Join us as we discuss alternate uses of the BTC blockchain as a pedigree, IP managment, and marijuana strain verification platform, and future (non database) applications in the field of medicine. We also riff on gene patenting, tech buzzwords, deadly fungal infections from vaping, and just how hard it is to do cannabis research in the states.

This episode also marks the first time the Bitcoinist Podcast has been available on iTunes, so if you’re a long time listener or just like our content, please rate us on apple’s platform. every bit of feedback helps, and we appreciate any feedback you can offer.

Next episode: we talk with Sinclair Skinner of, about the state of finance and Bitcoin in Zimbabwe and the developing world, internet memes as hate symbols, encrypted chat platforms as data collection tools, the recent trend of trading photo-shopped digital playing cards among bitcoin pundits, heuristics for identifying crypto scams, neural network snobbery, and a wealth of other interesting trivia.

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