News Bits 17.11.2014 -

News Bits 17.11.2014



Bitcoin in India

The community in India is working seriously on bitcoin adoption and education. Bitcoin has the perfect potential to take India by storm because of the following factors:
40% of Indians, approximately 480 million people, have little to NO access to any financial institutions.
Families still retain hard assets, such as gold. About 181 million families in India, hold an average of 64 grammes of fine gold.
Besides, a 100 Billion of value comes from transfers from abroad. This value is made possible the fact, that 900 million people have access to mobile phones.
All these factors, plus the Bitcoin MeetUps in every major city, leave the potential chance for Bitcoin to enter the Indian market.

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Rimbit – The Next Generation Trading Platform

Rimbit is the next generation trading platform, that complies with Government regulations and more importantly it allows users to have full control of their money. It has no bank fees, no country limitations, no international transaction fees and no lost bank funds. RimBit is a system that provides a platform for the secure transmission of bitcoins, via shopping carts, e-wallets, vendor ATM’s, checkout scanners, mobile phones, computers, tablets and so much more. Companies will establish themselves using Rimbit protocols to conduct trade and develop new products, without having to re-invent the system.
If you’re courious of the technical details of Rimbit, please visit our website.

Interview With the CEO of Crypto Chips

Crypto Chips are poker chips, in a variety of different digital currencies. Entrepreneurship comes in many forms in the digital currency world, and Crypto Chips is another great example. made an interview the creator Yakpimp, as know from the twitter. He summarized:

I was into Dogecoin at the time, but the only option was a metal coin that everyone had. I wasn’t a huge fan of the design, so I decided to make something on my own. I made the first batch just for me, but when the folks saw them, they all wanted some too.
The process is pretty simple, get a design, lay it out nicely, and print some chips.
The other big thing that is coming, is physical wallet chips. I finally did a proof of concept with a scannable QR code in the chip. Offline cold storage on a physical token.

Crypto Chips is another excellent business in the Cryptocurrency industry and they are a great addition to your poker table or as collectors’ pieces.

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