New KnCMiner Data Center Will Be Up and Running Within Four Weeks

New KnCMiner Data Center Will Be Up and Running Within Four Weeks


KnCMiner is one of the most prominent companies in the Bitcoin mining scenes, and they have gotten a lot of attention in recent years. Additionally, the company has seen its fair share of success, and KnCMiner data centers have been erected in multiple places. According to an article by PCWorld, a new four-week data center build-out is scheduled for the company.

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KnCMiner Raises The Bar For Deploying New Data CentersBitcoinist_KnCMiner Data Center

When it comes to getting a new Bitcoin mining data center up and running, KnCMiner is taking things quite seriously. In fact, the company uses a very tight schedule to get things moving along, and the current plan is to get their new data center in operation within four weeks. Do keep in mind this four-week period covers breaking ground to beginning operations in general.

As you may have come to expect, signing the agreement to use the premises takes up the most time in general. However, now that the agreement is in order, KnCMiner can start building their new Bitcoin mining data center in Boden, Sweden. This roll-out is part of the “Node Pole” technology cluster built up by Facebook recently.

KnCMiner is on an aggressive expansion spree right now, as this announcement comes only six months after rolling out their previous data centers. Part of the reason this company can get things done so far is because they do not have to worry about air conditioning. The “Node Pole” is very close to the Arctic Circle, where cold air is plentiful.

There are some interesting aspects to how KnCMIner builds up their data centers. While contractors are bolting together parts, company staff starts installing and powering up the first racks of Bitcoin miners. This hybrid approach speeds up the roll-out process, making the four-week timeframe a manageable solution.

Time Is Money For Bitcoin MiningBitcoinist_KnCMiner Bitcoin MIning

In the Bitcoin mining game, there is little to no time to waste. One thing to keep in mind regarding the Bitcoin mining process is how the amount of hardware required to generate new coins on the network is growing on a daily basis. Every day “wasted” on rolling out a new data center equals to fewer earnings.

Similar to its previous data center, KNCMiner’s new hub in Boden will operate on a power consumption of 20 MW. However, the company has not officially disclosed as to how much hashing power this will represent exactly. After all, the exact mining capacity depends on various factors, including the quality of chips, as well as their design.

What are your thoughts on this new data center by KnCMiner? How will it affect the overall Bitcoin network, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PCWorld

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  • Magnus38

    Wow so after twleve months since annoucning “arctic wonder” data centre and stealing millions for us, the retail customers – they are planning to launch a new data center ? the 16 nm chip does not work .. they have laswsuits and they are opening new data centre with our stolen money !!! I see them go the way of Cointerra in next 6 months after halving.

  • Steve

    Do we get to buy the ‘new’ hardware after KnC have used it for six months? Of course not getting hardware for some 8 months after paying for it does not help that fabled ROI…

  • Matthew Pappas

    KnCMiner owes me a lot of money.
    They delivered so late machines were worthless upon arrival. Everyone keep those lawyers coming at them.

  • Magnus38

    Scumbaggs took so much money from me. That fat fuck Cole – every time I see he is grinning from stealing money from guys like us and lying to Accel , Creandum.. He is so full of shit .. Chip does not work and now new hoax with data center !

  • Mitch Crozier

    Class Action is going to win, there is no way KNC can hide from their sins. They ripped off, stole, manipulated, covered tracks and outright lied to so many customers. I’m proud to be in the class action and I hope we can go after them for criminal charges afterwards.