Is Margaret Runchey The Real Satoshi Nakamoto? -

Is Margaret Runchey The Real Satoshi Nakamoto?


Depending on who you pose the question to, the Bitcoin creator is either Satoshi Nakamoto or somebody else entirely. The latest person allegedly deserving credit for the creation of Bitcoin and blockchain technology is Margaret Runchey, as the apparently invented Bitcoin. After all, her Model of Everything resembles the blockchain by quite a margin, and finding out information about this person is quite the daunting task.

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Time For Another Satoshi Nakamoto Theory

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August 18, 2007, is a paramount date for some people, whereas others might have no idea why that particular day has any level of significance. It was on this day the Model of Everything concept was patented, which founded a lot of the fundamentals available today in the form of blockchain technology.

While the concept is very technical in nature, there seem to be a lot of similarities between the Model of Everything and Bitcoin. A chain of ownership – or blockchain – was created, which allows for assets, smart contracts, and miners to secure the network to all play their role in the Model of Everything. Even offline wallet addresses are mentioned, each of which would be completely unique to achieve a strong sense of ownership. Sounds very familiar, anyone?

At the same time, Margaret Runchey pointed out how privacy should not be about trusting third parties with information, but rather of removing the third parties from the equation entirely. Users should be put in full control of their data at any given time, and Bitcoin provides exactly that.

It goes without saying that Margaret Runchey envisioned a world where decentralization would be a key factor. Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto has embraced the same principle, by offering a form of technology available to anyone in the world. While the blockchain is mostly used for financial purposes right now, it could be used to revolutionize anything and everything.

Similarities between both concepts pose some interesting questions. The Model of Everything closely resembles what blockchain technology has become a year later after the patent was filed. Some people even go as far as claiming Margaret Runchey is in fact Satoshi Nakamoto, although it is all but impossible to prove such a claim.

Who is Margaret Runchey?

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Perhaps the most interesting question of all is who Margaret Runchey is, and what has become of her since patenting the Model of Everything in 2007. Trying to find out more information about this person is pretty much impossible, as there is nothing to be found about her on the World Wide Web.

This draws another similarity between Satoshi Nakamoto and Margaret Runchey, as there is no credible shred of information to be found about the identity of this person. While it is a stretch too far to claim they are one and the same, the similarities can not be ignored. Another Satoshi Nakamoto mystery hunt has begun by the look of things.

What are your thoughts on the Model of Everything and Margaret Runchey? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • if this does prove to be the case, it would be a lovely ‘shot across the bows’ to those claiming tech coding is a macho male preserve. …. just saying.

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    Please. Let me alone.

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    “Why now?”

  • RJF

    Using the same logic, since I wrote many programs in the ’80s and ’90s using sequential databases that could be written to by many but not altered or backed out after commit, therefore creating a permanent record of all transactions to the database, I must be Satoshi Nakamoto. We need to just let it go, it makes no difference who or what entity created Bitcoin, none at all.

  • Aha

    We should promote a more inclusive dialogue. Do I trust by this intellectual attitude you present that you will share her ideas on the same basis as S.N.’s ideas? Who draws a better picture, or are the pictures compatible?