Luxury apartment in Cyprus from 120BTC -

Luxury apartment in Cyprus from 120BTC

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Did You just make some money with that price swing?  In bitcoin or in Darkcoin?

It does not really matter how you made that… With 120BTC you can now buy a water front Luxury apartment in Cyprus.

Your neighbors will be also bitcoin enthusiasts for sure so you will have a great company and a beautiful home or just a place for vacations to spend your summer or winter time.

It can also be a good idea to diversify your portfolio from Bitcoin to real estate.

You might ask the question why Cyprus?

First of all this is the place where Kensington Development Group builds these apartments!
Another reason is its amazing climate! Northern Cyprus offers sunshine al year long.
It is ideal for holiday and has some nice historical sights as well. When it comes to party you can choose from plenty of options: Clubs, Casinos, Restaurants.

We might go there for holiday ourselves:)

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