Litecoin Association Takes Step Forward and Launches -

Litecoin Association Takes Step Forward and Launches

The Litecoin Association, which consists of directors Andrew Vegetabile, Jason King, Eric Mihalik, Ryszard Mielcarek, and Phillip Auman, has just launched The website is designed to educate merchants and users on how to use and accept Litecoin as an alternative payment method. This announcement follows the association’s last announcement, which established a new team composed of developers and graphic artists. The development team has put in a substantial amount of work into the website, and it shows.

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Disclaimer: The author has no holdings in LTC. is designed for the general population as well as avid cryptocurrency users, with the goal of being a single location of information to enable the further adoption of Litecoin payments. The site contains many useful lists of where to purchase and trade Litecoin, where to spend it, and what wallets to use. Businesses can also register for the site’s index of companies that accept Litecoin. Community members will be able to reach out to if a business accepts Litecoin and is not listed on the site’s index. The website also contains all of the news from the development team and Litecoin Association so users can stay up to date on all of the changes and announcements.

The website is available in ten different languages with four more being added shortly. The wide range of languages should help the website attract and educate a global audience.

Scott Fargo will be interviewing Litecoin Association director Andrew Vegetabile in a follow-up article, which will give our readers an in-depth look into the website as well as future plans for the site.

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