Kinsta WordPress Hosting Is Now Accepting Bitcoin -

Kinsta WordPress Hosting Is Now Accepting Bitcoin


Kinsta WordPress Hosting is accepting Bitcoin

Kinsta, a managed WordPress hosting company has just announced that they are accepting Bitcoin as a valid payment method for their hosting services. Kinsta is becoming a pioneer among WordPress hosting providers by accepting digital currency besides traditional payment methods (Credit Card, PayPal).

Kinsta has recently launched its WordPress Hosting Service to the public and they’re becoming more and more popular. They try to add as many key values to their service as they can. According to them, partnering with Coinbase was a neccessary and important step, as they have many developers among their clients who are always yearning for special features and avant-garde solutions, so a lot of requests had been received about accepting the cryptocurrency.

WordPress is the most popular content management sytem these days powering more than 22% of the websites all around the world. It started as a blogging tool 11 years ago, and has become a complex system used by ecommmerce sites, news and publications sites, blogs and Inc. 500 companies’ websites.

Bitcoinist is also running on WordPress, we are huge fans of it as we can easily manage, customize and update our site. We were happy to hear that Kinsta allowed their WordPress clients to pay with Bitcoin, their move also reflects that Bitcoin will become a widely used payment method in more and more industries. is the ultimate news and review site for the crypto currency community!