KIBO Lotto Publishes Video Review of the User Interface  

KIBO Lotto Publishes Video Review of the User Interface  

KIBO Lotto

The first decentralized smart-contract based lottery, KIBO Lotto, whose ICO is planned for October 1, has published a video review of the gaming platform. This 90-second video shows what the KIBO platform gaming interface looks like.

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An Overview of the KIBO Lotto Interface

The project has been in development since June 2015 and the gaming platform is scheduled to launch by late 2016.  KIBO is a platform where you can launch your own lotto. Using smart contract-technology, the KIBO team plans to offer a new format for existing social and entertainment games. They also intend to introduce a universal global lottery to the market. The lottery market is one of the largest in the world, with a turnover exceeding $284 billion a year.  This is ten times bigger than the movie industry market.

To quickly spread in this huge market, KIBO is implementing a unique marketing strategy aimed at quickly attracting a large audience all over the world.  KIBO is a platform for launching independent branches that will operate within a single lottery. The KIBO team are convinced that they have developed an off-the-shelf solution for the efficient management and development of lotteries for anyone who wants one. The platform is currently undergoing final testing.  To launch a branch, you won’t have to design your own games or maintain a team of technical specialists. KIBO offers an off-the-shelf turnkey solution, including marketing promotion tools. The branch’s terms and conditions are written in the smart contract, which means that nobody can change them. In other words, the KIBO team want to launch the platform, so that everybody can be confident that they will have their own lotto with unique advantages and won’t have to worry that their account might be blocked tomorrow and that their player base will change hands. The number of such platforms will be limited at 20,000 – and they all will be distributed within the ICO which starts as early as October 1.

It is quite clear that the smart-contract based lottery could offer several advantages that, until now, have not been available to international lotteries. These include complete fair play and transparency of each draw, as well as accessibility from any point in the world.

At the start, KIBO plans a series of free promotional events aimed at quickly attracting a large audience for familiarization purposes.  In this way, by using the network of partner lottos, KIBO wants to initiate a viral effect. The team believes that this will not only provide a powerful motivation for getting to know the platform’s advantages, but can also attract the attention of the large number of new users to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

As early as September 20, the KIBO team plans to launch preliminary registration for potential owners of their own lotto branch. Registration will be open at On the eve of ICO, the goal is to provide the opportunity to get to know the first version of the working back office – implemented specially for managing tokens and your own KIBO Platform.

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