Inside Bitcoins Berlin 2015 - Video Broadcast #2 -

Inside Bitcoins Berlin 2015 – Video Broadcast #2


Inside Bitcoins Berlin 2015 – Day 1 – The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Investing


Inside Bitcoins Berlin – Day 2 – Emerging Issues in Regulatory Compliance and Law Enforcement Efforts


Why Bitcoin is a Superior Payment System for eCommerce – Ashok Misra


Education, Communication, and the Blockchain – Jeremy Gardner

The Inside Bitcoins Berlin 2015 conference had many excellent speakers at the event as you can see from our broadcast videos of the event.  Networking for participants was interesting as the event drew people from all over Europe.  Stay tuned to Bitcoinist for more conference broadcasts and exclusive interviews.

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Inside Bitcoins Berlin 2015 summary.

Explore the Business of Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology and Decentralized Applications!
Continuing the largest Bitcoin event series worldwide, Inside Bitcoins is headed to Berlin from March 5-6, 2015. Join us at the Estrel Berlin as the brightest minds and leading influencers in the Bitcoin 2.0 and cryptocurrency space come together to explore the promise of decentralized technology and the future of finance. Whether you’re a venture capitalist, lawyer, regulator, payment pioneer, or public policy expert, our agenda is designed to offer valuable insight into the latest FinTech business trends, funding models, investment strategies, next-generation payment solutions, multi-signature protocols, and blockchain-based startups. Whatever your level of involvement or expertise, you’ll find plenty of practical advice and analysis among our 30 plus experts, authors, industry innovators and trail blazing entrepreneurs from across the Bitcoin and alternative currencies landscape.


Scott Fargo

Scott Fargo

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