Gems Token Sale Live December 1 on Koinify -

Gems Token Sale Live December 1 on Koinify


Social messaging is becoming a bigger part of the cryptocurrency space by the looks of things. Several new projects have launched or will be launching to try and cater to this crowd. GEMS is one those projects, as they will launch their own token which can be used by advertisers on this social messaging platform. \

 Speaking of these tokens, called XGEM, they are available for sale on Koinify. That is, if you managed to get an invite by signing up to the Koinify newsletter. However, even if you are not on the invite list, have no fear, as the early bird pre-sale will start tomorrow.

 Gems_social_messaging_bitcoinistOnce logged in to your Koinify account, click on “Back a project”  in order to be redirected to the XGEM pre-sale page. You will see how much XGEM you will receive by investing 1 Bitcoin. During the course of the public pre-salem you will receive less XGEM per Bitcoin, so make sure to get the most bang for your buck.

 With over 4 million XGEM sold already during the invite stage, there seems to be a definite interest in the Gems platform and tokens. Speaking of this invite stage of the XGEM pre-sale, there are still slightly over 11 hours on the clock until the early bird stage begins.

 A total of 50 million XGEM will be put up for sale during the entire pre-sale period, unless the target of 3,000 Bitcoin in investments is reached first.  Any unsold tokens will be sent to a verifiable unspendable address. Once the pre-sale has ended you will be able to purchase GEMS from exchanges such as Bter, Melotic, Poloniex and Counterwallet.

 Adam Krellenstein will be the independent evaluator in regards to the GEMS funds raised through this token pre-sale. Mr. Krellenstein is the Counterparty Chief Scientist and a prominent figure in the world of digital currency. He is joined by Daniel Peled (Gems Founder) and Koinify (Koinify Corporation) to make up the three parties managing the ICO funds’ multi-signature wallet, secured by Coinbase. is the ultimate news and review site for the crypto currency community!