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Expedia Accepts Bitcoin for Hotel Bookings


Expedia accepts bitcoin for hotel reservations, becoming the first major travel company to accept payments in cryptocurrency. Perfect for the beginning of the travel season and the world cup!

Expedia remarked in a press release announcing the move into the bitcoin ecosystem:

[quote]“Bitcoin is a great example of how Expedia is investing early in an array of payment options to give our customers and partners more choice in the ways they interact with us” [/quote]

Expedia said bitcoin will be integrated into the payment options for customers at check-out, sitting alongside payment methods like PayPal and Visa.

Expedia Inc., which has a current market cap totalling $9.75bn, will also consider expanding its bitcoin policy to other travel sectors in its portfolio. Besides hotels, Expedia provides a booking platform for airline and cruise tickets, as well as rental cars and leisure activities. It reported revenues of $1.2bn in the last quarter.

Expedia joins other major retailers and service providers in the US who have started accepting bitcoin including Dish & Overstock.com.


Marco Pineda

Marco Pineda

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