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Expectations For Inside Bitcoins NY


Whenever I go to a conference, I always write an “expectations” article. In those articles, I pick out a couple of interesting speakers and panels that I want to hear. This year’s Inside Bitcoins New York conference is held at the Javits centre. The conference will be a three day event, starting at 12:00 PM EST on April 27th and ending at 5 PM on the 29th.

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InsideBitcoinsLet us begin with the lectures. If you are new to the Bitcoin scene, I would advise attending the first lecture of the opening day, titled, “Bitcoin for Beginners: Basics and Beyond.” Another lecture that will undoubtedly be interesting is the second lecture on the 27th: “Bitcoin Security: A Practical Perspective.”As the title suggests, this lecture looks at Bitcoin security and how we can better protect ourselves from all kinds of intrusions. This lecture will be for businesses as well as consumers, so it will be enlightening to say the least.

The second day lectures are so fascinating that it is hard to pick out just two notable ones. The first lecture that I would recommend is “New Ideas in Bitcoin.” It will be great to hear what the start-ups and established Bitcoin businesses are creating, the difficulties they might encounter, etc. The second lecture that I chose is directly linked to the first: “Beyond Mt. Gox and Silk Road: Digital Currency’s Fight to Gain Mainstream Acceptance.” This lecture will show the innovative drive of the cryptocurrency community and the struggle to gain general acceptance and trust. It might be possible that both sessions can complement each other and even offer solutions to one another during each individual session.

The last day should be as fascinating as the previous 2 days. I chose “The Crypto-Wars: Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Transaction,” because we  have to think about the freedom of transaction. Why doesn’t the banking system serve the entire world? Only 49-51% of the global population has access to banking services — shouldn’t freedom of economic transaction be a basic human right?


bitcoinistinsidebitcoinsnewyorkThe last lecture that I chose is “How To Make Bitcoin Easy For Small Business.” I chose this article because I have written a lot of articles that highlight the benefits bitcoin provides to small and medium sized businesses to incorporate Bitcoin in their business model.

It is quite hard to pick out just two notable people from speaker roster, which has about 98 names on it. The speakers are all quite interesting. In my opinion, the two most notable speakers are:

  •  Perianne Boring: She is the Founder and president of the Chamber of digital commerce. I would love to hear her views on the current proposal on regulation.
  •  Peter Kirby: He is the President of Factom. That company is focusing in on the possibilities with Blockchain technology for businesses.

Suffice it to say, the Inside Bitcoins NY conference will be quite interesting and packed with crypto enthusiasts and speakers alike. I would like to invite you all to come and strike up a conversation with me, Bitcoinist CEO Mate Tokay, or Bitcoinist Editor-in-Chief  Scott Fargo. We would love to hear your opinions, stories and experiences in the crypto world!

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What are your expectations for the Inside Bitcoins New York convention? Comment below!

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