Ethereum Nodes Crashing, Under Possible Attack -

Ethereum Nodes Crashing, Under Possible Attack

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The Ethereum community is reeling after what appears to be another attack on the network. All nodes running the Geth client appear to be affected.

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Geth Nodes Running Out of Memory

Certificate Ethereum NodeEthereum developer and co-founder Jeffrey Wilcke posted a Security Alert on the official Ethereum blog on 18 September. Geth nodes, he said, were “running out of memory and crashing on block 2283416“.

He advised users to switch to an alternate client until the problem is fixed.

Geth is the the command line interface for running a full Ethereum node implemented in Go. While Geth clients are not a majority on the Ethereum network, their numbers have been “rising rapidly” in the past few months., which provides node data for the Ethereum network, was also offline at press time.

Enemies and/or DAO Heist Link?

dao EthereumSome speculated the attack was possibly coordinated by Ethereum’s enemies. Today is the first day of Devcon2 in Shanghai, a major Ethereum development conference, so is likely to get attention.

User TeamJinx posted on Reddit that the Ethereum address executing the code disrupting the network is “very likely involved with the DAO heist”.

Others replied the attack could be from a “Bitcoin maximalist”, supporter of Ethereum Classic or an opponent of cryptocurrency in general. So far, however, no proof exists of any motive. The identity and exact motive for exploiting TheDAO code to remove funds in June also remains unclear.

Ethereum’s Reputation

There is no doubt both incidents, including today’s, are affecting Ethereum’s public reputation and could demoralize developers concerned about the network’s integrity.

The price of Ethereum’s native currency ether had been rising, but dropped slightly on the news to just over $12.

Bitcoinist will continue to monitor this developing story and update when more information is available.

Are you a Geth or Ethereum user? Will this latest incident make any difference to Ethereum’s progress?

Jon Southurst

Jon Southurst

Jon Southurst has been interested in bitcoin since reading Neal Stephenson's 'Cryptonomicon' in 2012. A long-time tech writer, he has been a regular contributor at CoinDesk and has written for, DeepDotWeb and ancient print publications. He lives on an artificial island in Tokyo.

  • Micah

    It doesn’t matter if Ethereum dies, because it’s the philosophy behind Ethereum that’s important. Getting a successful implementation of that philosophy is all any of the developers care about. If that means pitching a new coin with a different slant, it doesn’t matter. The support for Ethereum is there because the philosophy behind it is a revolutionary a**kick 2.0 for Blockchain technology. People who support Ethereum will likely support many other creative implementations of the Blockchain technology. Open source, baby. Please hack Ethereum more so that we can expose the security faults and fix them.Those of us who care don’t have any personal stake in this. We just want to make the world a better place, and to share in the public excess we create.

  • It was a memory bug, do your damn research before posting such garbage. I get it you guys feel threatened by Ethereum since Bitcoin is completely centralized and irrelevant by now but instead of trying to fight us, join us. We’re not so bad and we’re decentralized unless you want a blockchain solely controlled by the Chinese where human rights and individual rights don’t matter. YOUR choice.

  • Tyler Smith

    Sensational. Move along. Something is happening, but you are generalizing to a far degree Jon.

  • Jon

    Don’t shoot the messenger – we’ve reported exactly what was being said at the time, and you have no idea what our personal views on Ethereum are.

  • ozlanthos

    When did Bitcoin become completely centralized and irrelevant? All I see is Ethereum trying to save itself from drowning in unkept promises, and banker expectations.


  • ozlanthos

    Oh…and btw. The Chinese will mine anything profitable. Maybe they’ll start mining $ETH when it becomes a serious project….


  • ozlanthos

    You know. I’ve seen a coin that matches your description…but it’s not Ethereum. It’s Ethereum Classic


  • Philosophical Objection ZIKA

    LOL Ethereum Classic was used and abused by the hacker(s)…. if the hackers were sooo great people (sarc) then they should not have stolen any money at all and just have notified the foundation of the flaws, but nope, they decided to take it upon themselves to steal people’s money and then gave back some chump change to make themselves look like some good guys. LOL

    If they were “good” people (the hacker(s)) they would have never taken any money at all, but they did. ETC is a scam and only meant for quick flip pump and dump.

  • bitcoinpotato

    Damn Son
    Bitcoin didnt make the memory buggy buggy chill.

    I think we should trust the white hat crew to dump our funds when they think it is a good idea, much dictator less decentral!

  • bitcoinpotato

    Yea, the code will be able to be used in many places including on the bitcoin chain.

  • bitcoinpotato

    So a fork is a hack?

  • bitcoinpotato

    Inb4 bitcoin exchange number 2 attacked by ETH hackers.

  • Philosophical Objection ZIKA

    Emergency Stop Loss.

  • ozlanthos

    No it’s “FAILING TO AUDIT YOUR SOFTWARE…prior to release”…The “hack” was not a “hack” in that it was a legitimate execution of a “normal” “native” function of the DAO. In all honesty, I don’t even believe it wasn’t intentional. I think they did it just to see if they could create a situation whereby they could force the miners to hard-fork. It worked for many, but not all. That is why we have $ETC. Because some of the miners remembered that they signed up to mine a coin that had certain capabilities, and ethos they agreed with. The fork was demanded of them, and they saw it for what it was, an attempt to coerce them into violating the very principles of why they signed up to mine $ETH. In that sense, it has been a failure.