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Dream Bitcoin Foundation prepares to create awareness and educate college students in Ghana.

Dream Bitcoin Foundation

Dream Bitcoin Foundation prepares to create awareness and educate college students in Ghana.

By Alberto Mata

The Ghana Dream Bitcoin Foundation, a non-profit organization created to empower young entrepreneurs, is fundraising on Indiegogo for the first Regional Bitcoin Seminar at Kumasi, Ghana. There is only two days left to contribute to the fundraiser, and the seminar will be December 5 – 7.

“Bitcoin can really change the life of the young Entrepreneurs(Cheetahs) in the country and Africa to be precise as they can sell their products or services for Bitcoin around the globe as technology has now change the world into a global community and with Bitcoin being accepted all over the world, we finally decided to come up with a Dream Bitcoin Foundation to help the youth in achieving their dreams business with crypto-currency being the mode of payment for their services or products.” – says Dream Bitcoin Foundation according to Crypto Bits.

The seminar will include inspiring lectures, insightful knowledge, and endless networking for students and young professionals in Ghana. The Foundation is expecting 500 bitcoin-curious and motivated college students will attend to hear talks on liberty, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency.
The Dream Bitcoin Foundation was created on September 9 by Philip Agyei Asare, and in just over two months, the Foundation has 8 board members and about 80 members.

According to Crypto Bits, Philip Agyei Asare says:
“The Dream Bitcoin Foundation will help empower and unite the youth in Ghana, and Africa in general, to successfully enter entrepreneurship through acquiring an education in Bitcoin and the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies and creating their adoption throughout the country. Together with partners from other African nations, the adoption of Bitcoin will be made easier via SMS.”

Contribute to the Regional Bitcoin Seminar fundraising by visiting the Dream Bitcoin Foundation campaign on Indiegogo or donate to the foundation by visiting their online site.

Photo Source: Dream Bitcoin Foundation Online

Alberto Mata

Alberto Mata

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  • Matthew Woods

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