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Dogecoin Price Steadies Following Fluctuation

Two Shiba Inu (a breed of dog) puppies. They are small with golden-colored fur. They are both wearing hats; one is wearing a pirate hat and the other is wearing a feather hat.

Two weeks ago, Alex Green from announced that the cryptocurrency exchange would be shutting down. Due to this, Dogecoin suffered from a 20% price drop, from 71 satoshis to 59. Last week, shared on their Twitter that they would begin accepting Dogecoin. This drove the Dogecoin price up from 59 satoshis to 70, a 19% increase. Over the past week, however, the Dogecoin price has remained at a steady 70 satoshis.

A graph of the Dogecoin price over the month of October. At the beginning of the month, 1,000 dogecoins was worth 0.00104 bitcoins. On October 20th, 1,000 dogecoins was worth .00061 dogecoins. On October 28th, 1,000 dogecoins was worth .00071 dogecoins.

Over the past month, Dogecoin’s price has gone down, then up, then steadied.

Normal Routines

The Dogecoin community has certainly gotten back to their normal routine: previously swamped with Moolah complaints and Twitch posts, the /r/dogecoin community on reddit is once again filled with familiar smiling Shiba Inus and “To the moon!” posts. Dogecoiners have started receiving their diecast versions of the Dogecar, so the front page is filled with pictures of happy Shibes with their model cars. Shibes will be gearing up tonight for Halloween, so you can expect to see some costumes and giveaways. The header of /r/Dogecoin is sporting a Halloween-themed Shiba Inu.

A screenshot of the header of /r/Dogecoin on reddit. A pumpkin with a Shiba Inu (breed of dog) face is in front of another Shiba Inu which looks like a ghost.

/r/Dogecoin’s Spooky Halloween Header

As usual, many Shibes are predicting a price rise in the next few days. It would make sense: there hasn’t been any bad news recently, and the price has yet to fully recover from the Moolah drama. However, if any more bad news surfaces, you can expect to see the price drop. Yet again, if we see some good news, look forward to a price rise.

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Photo source 3: /r/dogecoin on reddit

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