Dogecoin Con-Artist Ryan Kennedy Charged With 11 Counts Rape -

Dogecoin Con-Artist Ryan Kennedy Charged With 11 Counts Rape


February 4, 2016 – Ryan Francis Kennedy, The man allegedly responsible for Moolah, the defunct Dogecoin trading platform, accused of stealing over 750 BTC (approx. $285,000 US at the time of writing) from the Dogecoin community, and over a million US Dollars from Moolah customers, has been charged with 14 counts of sexual misconduct against 5 women, including 11 counts of rape.

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Kennedy In Custody Pending Trial

KennedyThese offenses were apparently carried out over the span of the last nine years. Kennedy has plead not guilty to all charges and is in custody awaiting trial, scheduled to begin in May. Kenny has used several aliases over this span of time, going by Ryan Gentle during his studies at City College Plymouth, and Alex Green when interacting with Dogecoin enthusiasts. This recent list of charges against the man, who has been described as a “comic book villain” by former Moolah employees lends some credence to the theory that he is a long-time criminal, and created Moolah with intent to steal from the Dogecoin community.

Kennedy has considerable experience running scams, especially those relating to cryptocurrency. While the man is credited with both the rise and fall of dogecoin vis-a-vis Moolah and Moopay, they aren’t the first bullet point on his criminal resume. He is thought to have stolen over 500 BTC ($190,000 USD) in a similar manner with another startup,, Persuading members of the Bitcointalk forums and others to invest in it. While he has yet to be formally charged with any of this, there is evidence that he was the perpetrator, with several sources Identifying photos of Kennedy as Lemon, Alex Green, 4030f630and Ryan Gentle.

Kennedy has been a force of destruction in the Cryptocurrency community, allegedly stealing massive amounts of money and generating controversy around his scams that harm the ecosystem’s credibility. It comes as little surprise his actions in his local community may be even worse. Given his storied history of fraud and theft, Kennedy’s monstrous actions spilling over into meatspace was only a matter of time.


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Tyson O'Ham

  • Jenna Miller

    I was his marketing consultant until I realized he was a con artist and resigned 6 months before the mintpal and syscoin debacle. He is pretty much a less successful but equally sociopathic version of that jerk Martin Shkreli. I am totally not surprised to learn this, and hope the person i suspect may be a victim is OK…..

  • Mugshot looks like Chester the Molester

  • Lauren

    I am very ashamed to say but I did go out with this guy. When I look back I am almost sure he is a sociopath , manipulative and a liar. I have met him in a social event, and even though he really isn’t the type I would normally go for he was quite charismatic and cheeky, which won me over.The lies, as I realise now, were quite extensive, from stories about his family and who he is, what he does, etc. I also have a strong suspicion that he may have been homeless at the time, as despite telling me all about his beautiful home in one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in UK he always ALWAYS wanted to stay at mine, he would invite me over to his house but something would come up : he would lock himself out, there would be refurbishing works, etc etc. Interestingly he always wore same outfit,which looked tidy, but never changed. I am absolutely disgusted by everything he has done. Funny thing- he sill messages me every now and then just for a chat and tries to see if we could potentially meet up.

  • Is he in Jail yet? I hope so.

  • What? He is not in Jail yet? How is this possible….

  • Starlass

    He is in jail now. Only 6 years – but that will give them time to find more evidence for the Bitcoin.

  • Starlass

    Lauren you aren’t the only one – I met him through a social event too and could see through his lies straight away. I somehow got sucked in, even though I knew he was with other girls. Hopefully he stays locked up!