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Darkcoin: Anon Strikes Back!


Darkcoin rises back! After some drama with other anon coins, Darkcoin again has firmly put itself in number 3 position market caps and on a positive upward trend. This story for me is bitter sweet, as I sold on the downward trend, but hey, still made a profit several times over. With Masternode payments to be fixed and new revision of Darksend to implement ring signatures that are set to hit before this month is over, I only see good things for Darkcoins future with slight corrections here and there. Darkcoin will only gain more popularity once more Scrypt ASICS hit the market and miners swap on to this GPU friendly algorithm

Nigel Dollentas

Nigel Dollentas

Born in the Philippines, currently stationed in the USA. The youngest member of our writing team, Nigel is our freelance writer. Learned about Cryptocurrency right after the Mt. Gox crash and has been passionate ever since. @NigelDollentas