Cryptsy Has Moved Out of Their Building Unannounced, Nowhere to be Found -

Cryptsy Has Moved Out of Their Building Unannounced, Nowhere to be Found

Cryptsy scam

Bitcoinist has received exclusive news regarding Cryptsy that is related to the issues surrounding the cryptocurrency exchange as of late. According to a confirmed source, who wishes to remain anonymous, the company has moved out of the building that housed its headquarters. This move was unannounced, and was discovered accidentally when our source went to the building to visit the team. 

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Cryptsy’s Mysterious Disappearance

This news comes in the midst of Cryptsy customers experiencing difficulty withdrawing funds in recent days, with customers taking to social media to express their frustration. Additionally, around three days ago, the exchange halted its trading engine, and activity did not resume until the next day. These troubles prompted coverage from the Bitcoin media, and speculation from the community. Several threads popped up on the bitcoin subreddit concerning the withdrawal difficulties going on at Cryptsy, with people accusing the exchange of stealing their money. One post in particular went as far as to suggest a “collaborative lawsuit” against Cryptsy in hopes of retrieving lost funds:

Now, if Cryptsy is really going down, I think we’d better take action before it is too late. . .I have lost money to GAW miners and Hashprofit, so I hope we can get together and take a positive action towards Cryptsy, before it is too late.

Now, our anonymous source has informed us that Cryptsy has moved out of its building, without leaving any clue of where they might be. Our source went to the building yesterday to visit Vern, the Founder of Cryptsy. Upon arriving, he found the building to be empty, with no Cryptsy team members in sight. Our source contacted the building manager about the disappearance, and he informed our source that the company moved out a couple weeks ago. The building manager did not have any further information regarding Cryptsy’s whereabouts after the move.

Presently, there is no evidence to suggest that this unannounced move is connected to the withdrawal difficulties experienced by Cryptsy customers in recent days. Customers have been reporting difficulties withdrawing from the exchange for at least 25 days, but the major speculation on the state of Cryptsy did not begin until the company halted trading three days ago.

The following pictures show the building that used to house the Cryptsy headquarters, which is now empty. These pictures were sent to us by our source.




Bitcoinist will continue to investigate the situation and will provide updates as they become available.

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Evan Faggart

Evan Faggart

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  • derrend

    The reflection of the anonymous source can clearly be seen in the first picture, lol :p

  • Evan

    We know, but both I and the Editor-in-Chief decided that the reflection was unidentifiable since you cannot see the person’s face.

  • derrend

    Fair enough

  • Chris Tuna

    Managed to withdraw my coins after filling a complaint to a US government agency.

  • Chris Tuna

    Vern has left the building!! LMAO Who knows where he is now, he could be crossing into mexico as I speak. xD

  • Robert De Wilde

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Ahmad Fakrul Radzy Mohd Norddi

    Feedback from SystemMSg in Cryptsy chatroom, looks like they are moving to much cheaper office.

  • At least we know it’s a guy, hair color black/brown, short hair. We can guesstimate his height and weight too. Just have to check a few CCTV records and we can have a suspect. :p

  • Cyberdexter

    The signs were there long enough. I never liked the exchange mainly due to their terrible UI but also because I’ve never believed that Cryptsy did not stake customer PoS coins. I also think that a large number of wallets that were in maintenance for long periods of time (funnily mostly PoS wallets) were handled that way on purpose to benefit from staking those customer coins ala “keep the coins in the system, let them trade all they want but meanwhile we’ll stake the hell out of them.”

    As for the article, I love the line “According to a confirmed source, who wishes to remain anonymous” since you have the reflection of your “anonymous source” in the 2nd picture.. rofl.

  • Daniel M Hickey

    Saw this coming months ago, luckily was able to get most of my money out. Still have a deposit pending from over a year ago that I’ll never see, but small price to pay to be rid of these frauds.

  • RJF

    Well, I have to say it, Paul Vernon is an idiot. I have defended this guy through all the BS and I give up. Only a total fool would go through all this without updating his customers. To leave us all hanging without any real information and no updates what-so-ever on the companies condition or his intentions is, at best, childish and arrogant and, at worst criminal. What the hell is the matter with you Vernon? Are you so self important that you think everyone will trust you to do the right thing even though you tell us nothing. Arrogant bastard, what ever happens to you and your company is totally on your head. All you needed to do was inform us, that’s all we ask, that’s all we need.. If you are truely trying to save Cryptsy, TELL US what’s going on for God’s sake!

  • Evan

    Yeah the company could have at least notified customers that they were moving offices if that is what is really going on like what the person claimed in the Cryptsy chat. Either way it was a seriously bad move for them.

  • Cryptonair

    Chris, well done, how did you do that ?

  • Pinkfish

    Won’t be long until site is taken offline.

  • Steven Flores

    Big Vern

  • Chris Tuna

    Not that hard to do. First of all you need to track deposit address on the blockchain that is on cryptsy website and you would see that they immediately withdraw your deposit and split it up into other wallets. Then you need to open a withdrawal ticket on cryptsy support and write down your findings that you got on the blockchain. Do a print screen of those support tickets and file a complaint on consumerfinance .gov You are done. ;)

  • Which US government agency did you file the complaint to? Could a non-US citizen do the same and expect the same results? Did Cryptsy actually allow you to withdraw afterwards by approving the transfers or… could you please give more details for all of us who suffered the same problems?

  • Chris Tuna

    Yes! At “www. consumerfinance .gov”
    Also do what I have mentioned bellow.

  • Chris Tuna

    You are really shilling for them in order to lure more people in so they can rob them clean, aren’t you?

  • Inside Source

    Paul can’t tell anyone what’s going on because of gag orders. Cryptsy has several legal cases against them. The coins in the cold wallet are frozen pending federal investigation.

  • Inside Source

    They can’t tell you about their problems because they can get in trouble if they talk about the case.

  • Inside Source

    They might have big legal bills soon.

  • Robert Genito

    Wishes to remain anonymous. Reflection is found in photo….

  • Dave March

    I just did the same thing. The BBB, SEC and FTC. God I hope it works. Cryptsy has locked my acct and will not respond to any of my emails or tickets to get it unlocked!!! Unbelievable.

  • the magic man

    Maybe should follow up at a few more addresses..

    Dont play with my money.

  • D Henson

    Hi, thanks for your advise. I tried to withdraw a small amount just to test it, but they are not allowing withdrawals saying the deposit address i put is invalid, when it is indeed valid. I’m really sad right now, any ideas what i can do?

  • Chris White

    Track the transactions on the blockchain. Which coins are you trying to withdraw?

  • Chris White

    File a complaint already..

  • Chris White

    Bad news, not even a US government agency can successfully register the company at the moment. Which means they could be long gone already and the website is simply a scam !!

  • D Henson

    I tried to withdraw 1 ETH just to test it out, my address was finally accepted yesterday, but as of now the withdrawal is still pending. should i complain to now?

  • Chris White

    Yes do it.

  • Dave March

    duh, I did.

  • Chris White

    Its now official, Cryptsy is shutting down. The chat box has gone from the website and also this:

  • Chris White

    LMAO BigVern stole users coins cashed out and he is on the run…

  • 0331

    i saw this coming when big vern’s other site shut down unannounced at took all my mining contract money.

  • Big Vern was hacked and he shut up everything. Nice trick