Cryptocurrency Mining Conference Launches to Help Improve Profitability of Miners’ Operations -

Cryptocurrency Mining Conference Launches to Help Improve Profitability of Miners’ Operations

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Are you a miner? Or just interested in mining?! We have some good news. There will be a dedicated mining conference in Last Vegas… is proud to be a media partner and we will be there tweeting you live about the most interesting news.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.26.14 AMThe first global conference dedicated to cryptocurrency mining, called Hashers United, is taking place 10-11th October 2014, at Tuscany Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The conference will bring together professionals, hobbyists and vendors from within mining and throughout the wider cryptocurrency sector. Attendees can expect over 35 workshops and sessions, and more than 25 speakers, including keynote panellists Tim Draper (Founder Partner, DFJ) and Jordan Modell, (CEO, Internet Archive Federal Credit Union) and creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, specially selected for their expertise and commitment to mining and cryptocurrencies.

Whether it is Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other altcoin, at the core of a cryptocurrency are the miners. Hashers United has been created to provide a face-to-face learning environment that offers not just the benefit of networking with peers, but practical tips and guidelines on enhanced methods of coin selection; improving efficiency; beating the onset of increasing costs and generating greater profits.

The conference will feature key figures from tax, legal and regulatory bodies from the United States to provide important updates. In addition, speakers will cover topics including protocol scrutiny, algorithm analysis for better strategic planning and operations; more effective rig building; live mining demonstrations; and workshops covering profitability, investment, cryptocurrency management and more.

The team behind Hashers United is mining contract company Final Hash LLC who has rig facilities based in Houston, Texas. Commenting on the launch, Executive Technical Director, Marshall Long, said:

“We’re in contact with miners every day and their needs just aren’t being met via current conferences or even online. It’s time for a ‘real world’ forum where everyone, no matter their experience, can have an open and frank discussion about the key issues they are facing and how as a community we can help each other to overcome them.”

Early Bird tickets at $199 for miners (instead of $349) and $499 for vendors (instead of $599) are now available to purchase at the conference website

For a limited period, Early Bird tickets have a 5% discount and can only be purchased by cryptocurrency (over 20 to choose from including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Darkcoin and more). Fiat currency bookings will open at the end of July.

Norbert Kovacs

Norbert Kovacs

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