Could This Technology Prevent Celebrity Photo Scandals? -

Could This Technology Prevent Celebrity Photo Scandals?


We’ve all heard about the infamous recent celebrity photo scandal where as a result of an Apple iCloud hack, leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton and more were made public. Recently, I had the chance to interview Nick Lambert of the MaidSafe Team to talk to him about how technology like Maidsafe and the Safenetwork could prevent leaks and secure data. Questions were geared towards user privacy.


Could MaidSafe and the SafeNetwork prevent another celebrity photo leak and keep users data safe? If so, how?

Learn more about the MaidSafe and the SafeNetwork through their video below:

During the interview Nick and I discussed privacy, how MaidSafe works, decentralization, and the future vision of SafeNetwork.

Interview clips found below:

Interview Clips

Can MaidSafe Prevent Data Leaks?

I-Cloud VS SafeNetwork

How Does MaidSafe Work Exactly?

How Do I Become A Node>

What is The Incentive to Become A Node?

“Build and Let It Go”

Thank you for the interview Nick, it was a pleasure speaking with you.


Find out more on MaidSafe on twitter @maidsafe or check out their website here.

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